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Alex Bistrevsky as Charlie Chaplin is the perfect blend of the iconic, lovable, and captivating character we all know and love mixed with the energy, prowess, and execution of a Cirque Du Soleil performer with Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Manipulation talents that are uniquely his own. Chaplin was a very talented man, so Alex also prefers to bring many of his circus skills to the table. Throw Alex as Chaplin into ANY situation and watch the circus chaos unfold before your very eyes.

Excerpt from Documentary Series: "The New Circus"
































Not long ago, I was performing as Charlie Chaplin at the Santa Monica Pier for their 100th Anniversary of the iconic Hippodrome after they had heard about my performance as Chaplin with the LA Opera. That day, I had the pleasure of making my rounds around that carousel—sometimes I was on the carousel itself facing the wrong way, fumbling with the seat-belt, getting lost in the eyes of passerby’s who would greet me with every coming revolution—but always spreading mischievousness, wonderment, and joy to countless little ones and older patrons alike. Some of them mentioned that it brought a glimpse from their childhoods back into their minds, paired with a smile or a grin. One particular patron stood out to me however; a 89 year old woman with a cane of her own who, with great effort, made it over to where I was just to tell me something.

She said, “You’re exactly like I remember him—and I remember him so clearly.”  


To which I gave her a silent bow coupled with the nod of my head that mixed: “Thank you for that immense compliment and I really appreciate it!” She was almost lost in thought right then, but after a moment, she turned back to me and asked, pointing to my hat and cane,

“Could he do that?” 

I simply smiled and shook my head no. She gasped.

Alex talking about Vaudeville, Clown, and playing Chaplin on Portland's KBOO 90.7 "Mr. Jones's Neighborhood"
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