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Portland's only Varieté Arts festival, returns for its sixth year to embrace the invention and diversity of this blossoming global subculture. Circus, burlesque, vaudeville, music, dance, and physical comedy have a home under one big umbrella - come in out of the rain and see what we're up to.

March 31st, 2017 - April 1st, 2017

The New Vaudeville movement began just as the mystic adventurers of the 1960s landed on the shores of the freaky 1970s - a revival of the traveling entertainer lifestyle tinged with acid, politics, and postmodernism. A rich global culture of New Vaudevillians has arisen in the decades since, and we've set aside Friday night to show it off. Live music by electro-swing big band The High Step Society soundtracks the stage antics of Seattle's A Unicycle Built For Two, Los Angeles vaudevillian entertainer Alex Bistrevsky, clown duo A Little Bit Off, Matthew Kerrigan of Shaking The Tree Theater, song and dance man Alexander Mak, Italian physical comedian Stefano Iaboni and Emcee Sean Dooley

Moisture Festival 2017 (March 22 - 26)

The Moisture Festival is the world's largest Comedy/Varietè festival, running for four weeks every spring in Seattle.

Alex Bistrevsky is a Los Angeles based comedy performer & variety circus entertainer specializing in: Circus street performance, ambient roaming entertainment for live events, custom-tailored acts for stage shows, live performance for cabarets & festivals, theatrical & commercial character/circus performance for TV & Film. Alex made his debut as Charlie Chaplin in LA Opera’s production of “Pagliacci” and, in addition to being a solo performing artist; Alex performs with his brother, Dmitrious Bistrevsky in the comedy variety circus duo: “The Bistrevsky Brothers!” He is excited to be bringing a brand new Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Manipulation piece to Moisture Festival, a screwball of sophistication simply titled: “Cane du Hattitude!” 2017

Performing my signature Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Manipulation Act: "Cane du Hattitude!" for Steve Pisa's Academy of Kung Fu Fundraiser.


Feb 20, 2017

Speakeasy on State, Redlands, CA

Performing my variety circus show at the Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California (CCFSC) Fundraiser!

Feb 18, 2017

Think Tank Gallery

Performing my variety circus for the LA Music Show, a fundraiser for the Womens Warrior Foundation.

Feb 14, 2017

Fais Do Do

Performing my signature Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Manipulation act @ Stefan Haves Valentine's Day Bliss-Blast.

Feb 09, 2017

Calvary Chapel

Russian "Cultural Arts Day"

Performing variety circus for Calvary Chapel's Russian themed "Cultural Arts Day."

Jan 28, 2017

Skid Row, Los Angeles

We welcome you all to join us for The Wayfarer Foundation's 3rd annual Skid Row Carnival of Love on January 28th, 2017!! Last year we were able to serve over 1500 homeless and together nearly 1,000 of us transformed one of the worst places in America for four hours into a colorless, classless, beacon of light.

Jan 27, 2017

The Electric Lodge, Santa Monica

Performing my signature Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Act: "Cane du Hattitude!" at Scot Nery's Boobie Trap.

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